Focus Areas

The following agenda are the thematic focus of our organization.

1. Gender Equity
To advocate and promote the needs of gender equality in every society and this has produced the right of girls and that of the women in promoting societal balances in several departments of life.

2. Child Rights
Advocating for right of a child and working closely with the parents to educate them the negative effect of child malnutrition and that of negligent of child education working closely with police community to protect this right.

3. Health and Education
To educate the society about HIV/AIDS related diseases and others for screening and treatment.

4. Environmental Issues
Advocating and creating awareness on the protection of our natural environment and getting the youth involvement into all climate issues and the alternative energy access.

5. Underprivileged Persons
Working closely with our partners to putting the priorities of the needy persons especially the children who are not getting access to education and that of aged persons.