Child Rights

The importance of child rights is central to the values of Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative. We believe it is vital that parents are taught about the importance of right parenting from the very beginning. Police enforcements should be made if circumstances deem it appropriate.

African children are affected by numerous types of abuse including sexual exploitation, gender discrimination in education (as mentioned in our previous focus area), access to health and involvement in armed conflict.

The team at Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative recognise the troubles children face daily. More police regulation and stricter laws should be implemented to stop issues such as child slavery and exploitation. Early marriage is also still an issue that is relevant in some African countries. The team at Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative believe that children are firstly, not at the appropriate age to make these lifelong judgements and secondly, should have the right to marry who they want.

Street children and poverty is also a topical issue in African society which Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative aims to eradicate. We aim to promote the importance of volunteer worker from other, more developed, nation-states. The eradication of poverty is dependant on transnational support.