Environmental Issues

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative takes Africa’s environmental status very seriously. In today’s society when global warming is in full effect, it is important to protect the environment whenever possible. Thus, the team at┬áKejibaus Youth Development Initiative are working towards providing a healthier planet.

Currently environmental issues in Africa include desertification, problems with access to safe water supply, extreme population increase and air pollution. Although these issues are mainly linked to over-population, these issues exist on a global scale.

Desertification is the large scale falling of trees, resulting in decreases in forest areas. For example, in Ethiopia, the main cause of desertification is the country’s growing population is due to an increase in agriculture, livestock production, and fuelwood.

Access to safe water supply also continues to be a problem in African society and with the growing population, water supply needs to stabilise and become more readily available.

However, not only in water supply a problem, but air pollution is one as well. Farming, which takes place in most African areas are a casual factor to air pollution. In fact, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization estimates that 11.3 million hectares of land are being lost annually to agriculture, grazing, uncontrolled burning and fuelwood consumption.