Gender Equality

At Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative, we are working towards providing a better future for African women. Gender equality is an important and topical issue in today’s society. Not only is it newsworthy in developed countries, it can be perhaps argued that its relevance is even more important in third world countries.

Human rights are central to the happiness of humanity. A woman’s ability to make informative, autonomous decisions about her own sexuality and reproduction is important to the team at Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative. Thus, the significance of contraception and sexually transmitted diseases will be taught to girls at a young age.

Discrimination, coercion and violence are also issues that are central to our focus at Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative. Although almost half the countries in Africa have achieved gender parity in primary school, gender parity is increasing less in secondary school. Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative aims to promote the inclusion of young girls at secondary schools and hopes that enrolment numbers will increase into 2016.

Gender quality in Africa is a complex problem. Despite the progression of gender parity in Africa already, Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative remains hopeful for the future of all African girls and women.