Underprivileged Persons

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative focuses largely on aged care in Africa. These is a large disparity between the funding provided to black and white Africans, with aged homes for black Africans receiving substantially less. The team at Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative hopes that the much needed material and equipment for aged care facilities are provided. Donations of money, bed sheets, pillow cases, quilts, pyjamas, reading glasses and blankets are extremely encouraged.

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative believes the solution rests in improving the accessibility of accredited aged-care training studies for younger African people in order to make a change. This training will better prepare Africa for change.

Due to cultural norms surrounding the beliefs that people should care for their elders in theirs homes, a particular focus on in-home care arrangements should be made.

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative believes the problem will be faster solved if the African youth embrace the changes toward aged-care faculties.